The Glovebox Wallet


Note: These are now available in BLACK & TAN.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Essentially, this is my idea for the perfect glove box wallet. We started with the highest quality Horween leather we could find and then had that hand stitched to my design that allows for a pen, a tire pressure gauge, a notepad, a large compartment for your insurance card, and a smaller slot for your AAA card. Then, we filled the thing... Each will come with:

1. A Parker Jotter pen. This is essentially the longest made American pen still in production.
2. A Milton S921 tire pressure gauge. This is, without question, the best pencil gauge on the market.
3. A three pack of Field Notes. Needs no introduction really... and perfect for a keeping a maintenance record of your hot rod/custom.

Note: The pressure gauge pictured is not the Milton S921, but a cheap stand-in as the Milton was not available at the time of the shoot.

Another Note: If you need Field Note refills, you can get them here in craft and here in black.

Everything is made in the USA.


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