The 1951 H.A.M.B. Hat


In 1951, the New York Yankees won the World Series wearing hats cut from the same patterns as these special edition H.A.M.B. hats. Each is made of high quality wool and hand stitched with incredible detail in the USA. The silk liners are simply something to behold. Put frankly, you can’t find a higher quality baseball hat anywhere – perfect for roadster outings.

About three years ago, we did a run of these hats in fitted sizes. They sold out in one week. This time, we've done them with an adjustable black leather back. They fit like a ball cap should - the crown is the perfect height (not all tall like an OG and not all squashed like a soccer mom) and the bill is perfect for forming (Jesse James would hate this hat). Quite frankly, it's the perfect ball cap...