The Drop Out Hoodie
The Drop Out Hoodie
The Drop Out Hoodie
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The Drop Out Hoodie

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Last year, we released the "College Sweatshirt" as an homage to Animal House. Due to the simple design and the over-the-top quality of the reverse loom Champion sweatshirt, it quickly became one of my favorite pieces of Jalopy Journal merch we've ever sold.

This year, we decided to release a similar sweatshirt with a different vibe. Imagine Jim Belushi wasn't the happy-go-lucky jokester of the Animal House and instead was a hoodlum that hid in the shadows of campus and robbed college kids of their beer money. This is the sweatshirt he would have worn.

Yes, it's the same high-end heavyweight Champion sweatshirt... but this time it's a black hoodie. And it RULES.

Screw Fruit of the Loom and Haynes and all that trash... This is the real deal, old school, reverse weave, 12oz heavyweight CHAMPION of the damned world! And I'm dead serious.

I'm a sweatshirt guy. I wear one every single day in the winter. And while this Champion isn't made in America, it's every bit as good or better than an American Giant sweat. Of course, it's priced like it too...

It's worth every penny.

Editor's Note on Sizing, Shrinking & Washing: As stated, these are not some bullshit Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts that you might find at Walmart. They are made from a raw reverse weave textile made of 82% cotton and 18% polyester. They fit very true to size. If you wash them in hot water and dry the hell out of them, they will shrink about a 1/2" in the sleeves and an inch in the body length. I typically wear a large sweatshirt. With reverse weave, I stick with the large and don't dry it the first few months after washing... OR, I go with an XL and dry the hell out of it.
The choice is yours... Just know you are getting one of the best sweatshirts you can buy.
Also, when you get your sweatshirt the "Jalopy" print will be brighter than what you see above. Once you wash it, it will take on a ghost effect... almost like black on black printing. If you prefer the lighter text over the black sweatshirt, wash it inside out and on gentle cycle.

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